• 7:35 am
  • Sunday
  • May 19, 2024

Author: Nate Pestka

This is Nathan Pestka, he attends Paradise Valley Community College and he is on the Cross Country & Track and Field Team. He is currently studying Journalism & Media Studies, and is taking some online course at Glendale CC to fulfill his needed requirements for the degree. Nathan is looking to transfer to a university next year to continue his academic and athletic journey. Some of his goals is to find a place in the sports world where he can exemplify his writing skills and make an impact using his previous experiences through school and collegiate sports. In relation to this project, Nathan hopes to be able to connected with like-minded individuals and be able to share ideas with what place they may have in the journalism world. He is planning on taking the skills learned in this class, along with everything else he has learned through Maricopa community colleges, and apply them to the next step in his academic journey.