PVCC Carnival March 7th-10th

This weekend, there is a a 4-day pop up carnival currently happening right now directly on Paradise Valley’s campus. “Frazier Shows” is putting this event on in the north west corner of campus, laying the fairground in the parking lot that borders 32nd Street and Union Hills. The carnival featured everything that your normal carnival would entail. This includes multiple amusement park style attractions, kids rides, carnival games and lots of great food.

The carnival hours for Saturday will be 4pm-11pm, while the hours on Sunday will be 4pm-9pm. It’s 1$ per ticket, and all of the main attractions run between 4-7 tickets per ride. You can also purchase an unlimited wristband for $30 for certain hours. 

Come on down to Paradise Valley Community college this weekend to check out the great carnival environment this weekend!

Check out the video below to hear more details about this weekend’s carnival.