View from the lobby. Clear dome window up-looks the sky. Pictured is my friend and teammate Caleb Villegas.
From inside the museum. This area was mainly portraits; one of the first exhibits you see when walking in.
Exhibit from Native American section. Some artifacts of some of the pottery and stonework.
View from the windows walking throughout museum. Beautiful lake boarders as you walk the hallways.
My two friends pose next to portrait of a monkey. Caleb Villages (Left) and Dallon Walker (Right) mirror the monkey’s pose.

As I am currently sick from the mono virus, I knew going out somewhere probably was not a smart idea. I was planning on just taking some photos in my backyard, because the weather in the valley is amazing right now, the sun is shining and my backyard is so green and alive and would be a great arena for some shots. Then, I remembered this trip my track team took this museum after our track meet while we were in Arkansas. This was called the “Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art” and was located in Bentonville, Arkansas. We attended on Sunday, February 18th during the early afternoon period, which allowed the sun to shine through the large glass windows that projected around the lobby and hallways connecting the exhibits. It also gave an incredible view of the lake floating beneath and besides the museum as visitors can gaze at the views of the trees on the horizon with the lake in front.

When going into the actually exhibits of the museum, the contents were generous with many different types of self portraits, scenes of historical events, incredible views of nature and capturing different cultural sights and traditions. The museum’s content did a good job balancing creations of art as well as recreating historical records and timelines.

These photos that I chose best help capture what my overall experience was like. These photos also follow good standards for the rule of thirds and have attractive aesthetics to the match what the vibe was like in the building. For these photos specifically, I did a good job centering the subject of the photo towards the middle while also allowing the surrounding views give the photo a portrait competition. The different components, the different natural and museum lightings, subject centering and background incorporation allow these photos to accurately display what the experience was like inside the museum.