In my podcast episode, I talk about my experiences at GCC and how I feel about my student life there and my future endeavors and goals that I wish to see from attending GCC. I talk about some of the benefits of going to GCC and how it has helped me , and how I believe it will continue to help me such as attending online courses and having a more flexible schedule as well as having FASFA to pay for my classes. I also briefly touch on how I would like to either use my degree from GCC to further a career for myself and or transfer to a university here in Arizona to obtain a higher education and a higher degree. I wanted to use my podcast episode to highlight my student life at GCC and how it has affected me in a positive way and some parts have been rough. It has helped me come out of my shell and go out of my comfort zone with certain experiences and learning about things that I wouldn’t have otherwise liked. One of those experiences that I talk about is my photography that I have done through GCC which I otherwise have not thought of for myself but now quite enjoy as a side hobby as it helps me to see the world through a different lens a lot of my professors have also been very helpful and very responsive when it comes to questions I may have on an assignment, or just need general assistance with their class. Overall, I’ve had a positive experience at GCC and I hope that this can reach other students as well as faculty to shine light on the impact that they have made and hopefully share this with others so that they can experience what GCC has to offer and receive the opportunities of a lifetime that GCC makes possible.