Addiction is a struggle among millions of individuals, even among college students. In fact, the NSDUH announced last month that 19.7 million individuals from the ages of 12 and older suffer from any sort of addiction. From all walks of life, college seems to hit a big chunk of the addiction population.

Two future students who have been inflicted by these struggling and crippling diseases in the past are hoping to change their future for the better. 24-year-old Justin Collins and 23-year-old Izaac Hippensteel are two friends that have battled similar addictions in the past.

“It was a long battle that only I brought myself into” Hippensteel said. “Drugs like fentanyl or percocets were how I lived in isolation, and it felt like the only way I could live when I thought I had no future.” That however, was last year. Both he and Justin both kicked their addictions in October in the hope of a brighter future.

The Behavioral Sciences study has profound interest in Justin as he has an interest in helping others kick their addictions. “GCC seems to be the perfect place for me to continue my education. I never wanted to stop (being in school) but hopefully now, coming this summer, I can kickstart my life and get it going again. I can finally help others like I have always wanted.”

GCC is on point with having great services too, especially ones to help the students cope with any sort of emergency in their private and personal lives. On a limited basis, there are appointments and walk-ins available for students who need them. On the GCC website, there is a link to email the counseling offices and a phone number.

“I know I am in good hands, certainly better than I actually was a couple of years ago” Collins joked.

The future for them and millions of others is certainly bright, but those struggling will still feel challenges if they want that extra change in life and go back to school. U.S. News announced a better turn out rate for those going to any sort of addiction recovery program.

Glendale Community College is a safe haven for anyone suffering or has a loved one suffering from addiction. With services and courses designed to help and even make careers for students, it is a source to help those achieve their dreams that were previously thought impossible.

If you are looking to meeting with a counselor, you may email them at counseling @ or call the front desk at (623) 845-3064.