• 7:56 am
  • Sunday
  • May 19, 2024

Author: Ryann

Ryann is currently a student at Glendale Community College. After coming back from a gap year, she decided to enroll into courses that centered around writing and music. No decision has been made yet in regards to a specific major she wishes to study. Her educational and career goals center around her dedication to having a life that allows for travel while simultaneously accumulating financial benefits through activities that bring her joy. That being said, she also hopes to develop her entrepreneurial abilities to better brand and market herself. Which is why Ryann has decided to pursue the subject of writing-to improve a skill she wishes to promote in the future. She also wishes to gain more expertise with learning how to really connect with others through written and verbal communication. All in all, Ryann is delving into the communications field to gain more knowledge about the digital world in relation to what it really takes to produce as a virtual writer.