The Glendale Gauchos baseball team summed up their double header with a spectacular second win on Saturday, February 3rd. They played against Park University at Glendale Community Colleges main campus and defeated their opponents with an exceptional performance. Following their 8-3 win, the Gauchos hit it off immediately in the first inning-scoring a home run made by number twenty-four. In the second inning we did not see too much activity, however the first three players up to bat from Park went right back down. This would not be the first instance where we would see such great defensive abilities performed by Glendale.

The third inning rolls around and the Gauchos endured two stealthy steals from their opponents. Fortunately for Glendale, they came back around and scored not just one point, but two points at the bottom of the third. Moving into the fourth inning, we saw a tough inning for both sides. Park University managed to get one player on base, but it was very short-lived. Glendale also had the same struggle, they had three up and then three right back down again.

In the fifth inning, we saw some more momentum pick up. It looked super promising for Glendale to score again as they got a few on base, but unfortunately none of them were able to score. However, once again, the Glendale Gauchos executed remarkable defensive skills as they got their opponent’s first three batters out. Most importantly here, the pitchers showed great perseverance. According to assistant coach Mickey Marine, the whole team has been “doing a good job, especially the pitchers, they’re doing a great job for us” which we continued to see throughout the remainder of the game.

Park University managed to level up their game offensively in the sixth inning. At one point, they had all the bases loaded, which was unsettling with the score being 3 to 1 with Glendale in the lead. This proved to not be a problem, however, as the Gauchos turned right back around and got three outs with no points being scored on them.

The last seventh inning ended relatively quickly. Park went up to bat and scored no points, which ended the game with Glendale taking the win-3 to 1. Currently, the Glendale baseball team holds a record of seven to zero. They have been doing very well, but it is still early on in the season. Going into the rest of the season, Marine has goals for his team. He said,

“I told them to not ever loose a game. Which on the face of it sounds terrible, but the context to that is to make the other team beat you…don’t give it [the game] away. Be mentally prepared in the game and be aggressive and competitive. And if the other team beats you, they beat you and that’s okay that’s going to happen but… don’t give it away, so I think we’ll be okay if they can adopt that and keep fighting and keep learning.”

Mickey Marine-Assistant Coach