In this week’s episode, Ryann Corley delves into the subject of procrastination. Most people have fallen at least once into the hands of waiting until the last minute. It is a destructive habit, and yet so many of us fall into it more than we like to admit-Ryann herself included. Procrastination can prove to be a never-ending cycle, and can also prove to be a very difficult habit to break. This podcast aims to effectively delve into the concept of procrastinating, some of the root causes of it, why we do it, and what we can do to improve how we go about our daily lives and limit procrastination as much as possible. 

Procrastination is, more or less, putting tasks that we need to do on the back burner. We wait until the very last minute to begin an activity. In turn, we induce so much unnecessary stress within ourselves to make sure we complete it within the given parameters. Why do we do this to ourselves, and not only that, keep the procrastination cycle going even though we promise ourselves to stop putting things off? Well first and foremost, it is nothing we need to be hard on ourselves for-it is a very common behavioral pattern. However, some of the root causes that will be explained more thoroughly procrastinating include, but are not limited to, a lack of emotional regulation, fear of failure, and perfectionism. 

Thankfully, there are a variety of resources out there that give pointers on how to get out of a procrastination rut. There are a few that are mentioned in this podcast; however, everyone is unique and will require a different set of solutions to their procrastinating habits. Some of the ways that are discussed in overcoming procrastination include becoming aware of your own behavioral patterns, creating a routined structure, and practicing self compassion. Tune in to hear the full scope on how to finally put an end to your procrastinating habits, once and for all.