As a college student of the modern age, I asked my parents these questions about what college was like in the 1980’s, what did you use for writing any of your work? How much was college back then and how much debt back then and is it more expensive, cheaper or roughly the same. What did you do in order to sign up for classes? Was college harder or easier now or harder back then? In this feature article all of these questions will be answered and more.

Unlike the fancy new toys, we have now, technology back then was a lot less advanced than now. Students like my mother said and I quote “I had to write on paper first and then type them on a typewriter there was no computer or grammar check in my time and I had to rewrite my paper multiple times to make sure there were no grammar mistakes before handing them in”. College cost now and debt back then is about the same now depending on the ratio. “College cost and debt is roughly the same now as back then but only by the radio “Unlike where only needed to sign up for classes on the Glendale Community College website things back then were a little different. “Some of us had to wait in line to sign up for class”. What this means is that students could only sign up by going directly to the campus and wait for hours to sign for one or more classes. College was actually lot harder because everything had to be in person.

“I had to drive everywhere nothing was digital or online.”

Overall, college in the 1980’s was similar but also quite different. There were no computers to check our grammar or type our essays. The best there was a typewriter. College cost and debt were about the same depending on the ratio. The only way to sign up for classes back then was going in person and waiting in line and that could take hours. Everything was in person, and nothing was online.