• 6:29 am
  • Sunday
  • May 19, 2024

Author: Jared

Hi everyone, my name is Jared. I like playing various types of video games and reading books as my hobbies. I also have two kittens named Millie and Roofie. I have been in college for 4 years now studying to get my degree in graphic design. I have a little brother named Nickolous, but everyone just calls him Reid who is 3 years younger and is studying to become an engineer at ASU and works part time delivering food as an uber eats driver. I hope to learn more the necessary skills about becoming an online journalist from our teacher Dr. Alisa Cooper. Although I’m not going into online media I believe that the skills I will learn in Dr. Alisa Cooper’s class will be very helpful in improving certain skills in getting my graphic design degree. I hope everyone has a great time from learning from our teacher Dr. Alisa Cooper.