In the midst of downtown Phoenix, people gathered around the Phoenix art museum. Inside people collected lining up waiting their turn, excited to experience the stories of history told by time. After getting their tickets people began to enter through the hallway connecting the main entrance to the first galleries. The connecting hallways were adorned with swarms of butterflies reaching from the walls to up upon the ceilings. The guests looked up with awe at the display as they stepped through making their way to the first gallery.

Stepping through the main hall, the scent of wood and papyrus filled the air. The scent created an atmosphere that evoked the feelings of wonder and inspiration for the guests. As guests wandered their eyes fell upon masterpieces after masterpieces adorned on the walls. They glanced and pondered on the pieces they saw, taking in the art that spoke of centuries old tales.

Through every hall laid a different gallery. These galleries spoke of different times and styles found upon history. There are however several special exhibitions and galleries that gain the most of the museum’s attraction. One of these well beloved galleries is found through these halls of the art of the americas and europe. Upon this gallery laid the display of flowers painted in an impressionist style, art belonging to the well-known Monet Claude. Collection of his paintings adorned the walls of this gallery paired with several of others belonging to other artists. 

The art museum is not only filled with paintings and models but also interactive imaginative pieces those wandering the halls could take a part in. One well known interactive piece that has been long featured in the museum still gains attention by many to this day. The Yayoi Kusama’s infinity mirror room, You Who are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies gains attraction as one of the beloved museum’s installations. In this piece lights are hung in a dark room filled with mirrors creating an experience like none other. 

As people begin to tire from all the walking and exploring through the halls, the guests find that the museum has even more to offer through the outdoor seating and the gift shop. Taking a memoir of their experience home with them, guests leave the Phoenix Art Museum feeling enlightened from the tales of history told through the art laid among the halls.