For this story I’ll briefly be covering a family’s move, mine! After living in the desert for seven years, we packed it all up to go to South Carolina. Although I grew up in the North (Michigan) and have barely been to the south, I’m happy for the opportunity to see a different side of the country knowing there’s lots of black history here.

Once we made our sorrowful goodbyes, the movers took all our earthly belongings and furniture. My parents and I then began our lasting 30-hour drive to Blythewood or our two thousand and twenty-four-mile journey. I chose to document some of the hotels, rest areas, and something the road tripper knows all too well: a gas station bathroom (for the sake of not posting a gross picture I used a clean bathroom, but I want you all to imagine the coin flip that is walking into an unknown restroom. Is it clean? Are there items inside the toilet that have no business being in a toilet? Are there items outside the toilet that have full business being in the toilet?). Some people (my parents) had a lot of emotions on this trip. They had a lot to deal with, from surprisingly expensive fast food stops, the cars we had shipped actually beating us there, mild road rage, to of course my atrociously high maintenance dog who hates being in the car. I however, made it out seamlessly and flawlessly because I’m just so adaptable and some might even say a survivor. 

What’s important is that we successfully made it. Even though the microwave along with the oven don’t work we still have each other, and we have Walmart. Now from here on I will be writing to you two hours in the future from Blythewood South Carolina.