Finding one’s inspiration is a really hard thing to do, especially with so many options at someone’s fingertips ; it can be daunting. It is really hard to try to think outside the box when there are so many ways you can approach different things. Dakota Simmons really goes through his anecdotal experience on how to combat the dreaded writer’s block and really expands on his thoughts on how to get through writer’s block. His main point is using nostalgia to help one get over writer’s block and get new ideas. However, subtle hints around your environment can also help you get past this. He goes through his experiences to really show the subtleties of the world around him and even goes into a deeper dive into nostalgia, helping him accomplish his goal. Finding a “Woody” doll at Good Will really helped him accomplish his goals while creating a unique design for his schoolwork. It brought him back to his childhood and reinvigorated his nostalgia, and he returned to when he was a child. He used that to create this intriguing design, which was just a mishap of shapes that looked really cool. While it may be true for some people, people find their inspiration in a variety of different ways, and it is good to think about it and talk about it with other people. One of the major key points is how you need to essentially leave, walk around your favorite places, or even find pictures of you in the past. Whether it be exploration or anything of the sort to help you through the creative block one is facing, Dakota uses nostalgia and recommends it, as it is a very powerful tool to help get one’s creative flow going. She thinks anyone can really use these tips and create something amazing.