This week I’m covering Pikmin!

To start, I cover exactly what the Pikmin games are, being a unique real time strategy gem. Hitting the major story beats we start with the original Pikmin where Captain Olimar has thirty days to collect his missing ship parts: in order to escape PNF 404. Then Pikmin 2 takes place immediately after the events of Pikmin. With Olimar being sent back with his co worker Louie to recoup the debt their boss took on in Olimar’s absence. Moving along Pikmin 3 introduces three new (Characters, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie) and their journey on PNF 404. The search for the crew’s cosmic drive key and search for food to save their society. Finally there’s Pikmin 4 coming in with a new cast of characters in the rescue corps reimagining the story we already know and their journey to rescue Captain Olimar along with any other castaways. Consider this a brief explanation of the Pikmin series and your introduction into the Pikmin universe.

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