MCCD is currently hiring for full-time and part-time positions district-wide in over 200 different positions. The MCCD Careers Website shows a mass increase in employee demand due to rising enrollment and older staff entering retirement. As the State of Arizona grows in population, the Maricopa Community College District and all of its sister schools are experiencing the same level of growth, creating a demand for more employees. One look at the Maricopa careers page reveals that the majority of the jobs in demand for MCCD are administrative and managerial positions.

Many people speculate that the demand for leadership roles is not being met due to the decrease in job mobility of the past century. What is certain is that many long-term valued employees have retired in the past year. Jimmy Rieter, a Carpenter for Maintenance and Operations at Phoenix College, has mentioned, “Five people have retired recently, four of them being in senior positions.” Another piece of evidence supporting the claim of MCCD’s inability to find suitable leadership is that Kimberly Britt, Phoenix College’s president, was asked to serve the district by providing leadership at Mesa Community College in addition to her responsibilities at PC.

It’s uncertain what the district’s policies for upward job mobility look like or if the standards for managerial/administrative roles have risen over the years. However, the district does offer 4- year apprenticeship programs to all of their staff. These programs allow employees to work as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians while they complete their school to get certified in their trade of choice. This apprenticeship program has been a major stepping stone for many of the custodians and groundskeepers all throughout Maricopa who are looking to move up in the job market but don’t have time for classes.

Qualified students are encouraged to apply for job positions at their or any MCCD campuses. Maricopa Community Colleges has a 3.9-star rating on the glass doors with a 75% recommendation rate. Any full-time employees get a full tuition waiver for college classes in all the districts along with numerous other benefits, including 20 paid observed holidays, health insurance, dental, vision, retirement plans, and $4,000 annually in professional development growth funding. Anyone who wishes to apply must submit a resume with a cover letter. For more information, visit the website for more details on how to properly format your resume and cover letter to submit your application.