Coming to Glendale Community College is the Frazier Spring Carnival. Located at the southeast parking lot of S2 near the southeast corner of the campus. The hours of operation are going to be as follows:

3/21 Thursday: 6 pm-9 pm

3/22 Friday: 6 pm-11 pm

3/23 Saturday: 4 pm-11 pm

3/24 Sunday: 4 pm-11 pm

3/28 Thursday: 6 pm-9 pm

3/29 Friday: 6 pm-11 pm

3/30 Saturday: 4 pm-11 pm

3/31 Sunday 4 pm -9 pm

They will be closed on the 25th through the 27th.

For ticket options, you can look to online for up to $3 off on your unlimited ride wristbands. If you buy in person it will be the FULL price. Wristband prices are $30 for onsite and $27 for online. The hours that the wristbands will be usable will be from 6 pm – 9 pm on Thursday and Friday and 4 pm – 7 pm on Saturday & Sunday. The actual tickets for the event will be available at all events and will be 1-$1, 20-$20, 40-$35, and 100-$75. Hope you enjoy the event mark it into your calendars!