As the seasons change, little things change in our daily surroundings. Apart from the weather, more little signs are apparent amid the season changing. The quiet and calming neighborhood of Cornado starts to flourish when springtime hits. 

However, not all fun activities have reopened to the public yet, as public pools are still closed around this time. (See picture 1). Phoenix public pools will tend to open around May 27th or Memorial Day. A couple more months will have to pass before the public can use the pools around the city. This might be for the best as the weather is a bit too cold to go swimming. 

Picture 1

The weather around this time is breezy, and a slight warmth can be felt throughout the day. It gives way to the upcoming heatwave that usually occurs in summer. This weather and temperature is perfect for new plants and flowers to blossom. Local neighborhoods all around the city bloom with all sorts of flowers (See pictures 2 and 3). As the days get longer, more light helps plants bloom in the spring. These conditions make beautiful flowers appear all around Coronado’s neighborhood.

Picture 2 and 3

As things get fresher and warmer outside, people are going outside more. Coronado Park flourishes with people using park resources. Children play on the park playground, and some shoot hoops on the basketball courts. A group of baseball players uses the baseball field for practice as well. Others spend time just relaxing around the park as they scroll through it. (See picture 4). Overall, many people are comfortable going outside and spending time as they might be less inclined to do so in the winter. More people might even be seen in the spring as the summer brings intense heat that can force people to stay inside.

Picture 4

Spring is here, and it’s best to go out and enjoy the neutral temperatures before the seasons change again.