I introduced the PSA with the topic at hand with how students can help save money at Frys. I made sure to tell the location of the store and its proximity to the school. For the following scene, I had made a quick segue from the introduction to the main body of the video by showing the one “catch” to getting those deals with the Frys VIP card. My next few scenes will follow a similar format to indicate the examples of what I am trying to cover. I first show pasta, then school supplies and advertise the importance of why this is newsworthy and then I advertise coffee to emphasize to students and staff that need that energetic boost. Then, I made a concluding scene out in the front to showcase the front end of the store with the logo. In this concluding scene, I made a summarization of how this could help students and staff save so the money can go to what is needed the most, their needs from the store that otherwise would be difficult to obtain on a budget. That is how I made my PSA.