• 8:03 am
  • Sunday
  • May 19, 2024

Author: Lauren Hirachita

Lauren was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and has lived there her whole life. She is in her second year of attending Phoenix College and is trying to get her associate’s degree in Digital Media Arts. She hopes to finish her degree program within the current year. Initially starting with only traditional mediums at a young age, Lauren enjoys learning about and creating art through many digital mediums, including video, illustration, animation, and photographic imaging. In her free time, she likes to eat sushi, play video games, go roller skating, watch hours of YouTube, go on trips with her family, and explore the country. During and after her time in college, she hopes to find a career in creating digital media and exploring her creativity. Although Lauren does not foresee a career in writing or Journalism, she aims to advance her written communication skills, which may aid her in whatever path she decides to take.