When I took these pictures the other day I was admiring how beautiful it was outside, combined with the landscape that we have developed over the years and how they clash together. While the sky was beautiful, the landscape had been overtaken by fences and concrete. This began to make me wonder what it originally looked like before human intervention, and what it would have looked like today. This is not to say that the current state of it is bad looking; however, there could’ve been a lot more potential. They began to wonder how much of nature we truly try to preserve, while also accommodating the needs of society with places, such as businesses and housing. This was just a small area that I had passed through on a late afternoon on a cloudy day, but there was so much variety in what I was seeing. On one half you have plants, shrubbery, and dirt, and on the other half you have buildings and concrete to create bridges, dams and sidewalks. I was happy I was able to get out and explore and see these things relatively close to my home as I encourage others to do the same. This was maybe about an hour and a half walk in total, but it was incredibly refreshing and interesting to see things that I go by every day and see the more intricate details, even if they may be simple. For example, the graffiti under the bridge that I saw from people who created pieces of art under the bridge illegally in the past, but has since been sitting there. With these pictures, I hope to offer a little insight into the small adventure I had , but profound and meaningful. Take a small adventure like I did, and enjoy the world around you, and notice the little things as you take it all in.