The public service announcement (PSA) I’ve crafted delves into a deeply personal topic for me, centering on the urgent issue of the ongoing genocide in Palestine. Amidst global events, few issues demand greater attention than this humanitarian crisis. While the assignment tasked us with creating a video related to GCC students and staff, I firmly believe that the genocide in Palestine directly implicates us all, regardless of our individual affiliations.

The video opens with a poignant portrayal of Palestine’s plight, illustrating the devastation endured in recent months. It then proceeds to shed light on the unsettling reality that our tax dollars directly support those responsible for these unfathomable atrocities. Through vivid imagery, the video captures the harrowing suffering inflicted by the ongoing conflict.

Offering a solution, the video advocates for a reconsideration of our tax allocations, suggesting an alternative approach. Concluding with a heartfelt plea, the announcement urges viewers to take action by contacting congress and demanding a ceasefire. In amplifying this crucial message, we strive to ignite empathy, awareness, and meaningful change in our community and beyond.