Have you ever thought about the history of animation?

In this podcast I go over a quick history of animation and what animation is.

Animation essentially is a series of images each slightly different put together in a sequence. When put together and shown at a certain speed the illusion of motions is achieved. 

Throughout history we as people have tried to find ways to achieve the illusion of motion through image even during ancient times however it all truly begins in the 1800s.

In this episode I discuss the milestones through animation history with this timeline: 

1832 The Phenakistiscope: The first widespread animation device

1833 The Zoetrope: Advanced upon the idea of the Phenakistiscope but instead was a cylinder consisting of the images

1900 The Enchanted Drawing marked the first theatrical film with animated features

1930s-1950 The Golden era for animation, sound and color started to come to play

1940s The change in audience for animation

1980s Animation Booming and the use of CGI becoming more prevalent