In this week’s episode, Lily Setka welcomes Snoopy enthusiast Dani Moore to the Podcast. For episode 6, the topic of discussion is the beloved character Snoopy. Snoopy is a cartoon dog created by Cartoonist Charles M. Shultz. Snoopy first appeared in the “Peanuts” comic strip in 1950 and has since been well-known around the world. Setka and Moore discuss Snoopy’s rise to fame and the impact he has had on pop culture. Snoopy may seem like just another cartoon dog, but recently, he’s made a resurgence. The two girls share how they first discovered snoopy when they were kids and why he is still one of their favorite characters. 

Lily and Dani talk about the Snoopy merchandise they gifted each other and why Snoopy makes a great gift. From sweaters to keychains, Snoopy has proven to supply many gift options. Snoopy has been a part of Dani’s life for a long time. She shares the humorous and loving text messages with her Dad that are just threads of Snoopy pictures. Snoopy has brought people together for years. Whether that’s bringing a classroom together to watch a movie for the holidays or a message reminding your family member how much you care. Snoopy represents many things, however, he is mainly known for showing great love, care, and loyalty towards his owner Charlie Brown. Although the episode is only discussing a cartoon dog, Setka and Moore share the impact Snoopy has had on all generations.