In a harmonious celebration, the community filled with all ages recently engaged in the vibrant rhythms of Africa. Hosted the event by Dr. Lydia Woods, a retired college professor and Founder of Drum Arizona Inc., inviting everyone to immersive themselves into the beats of African Djembe and DunDun Drums. She provided instruments for a musical experience like no other. 

Colorful African drums filled the room, creating a warm welcoming circle for the group. They gathered together at the Glendale Community College Foothills Library for an empowering event last Sunday afternoon, February 4th. Her kind mannerisms allowed children and community members to feel confident in themselves. Allowing them to fully embrace the cultural appreciation and history of African Djembe. Initiating the event, Dr. Lydia Woods informed the group African Djembes were once considered a dangerous communication tool. They were prohibited back in the day as plantations feared they could be used to incite rebellion. 

The room filled with strong bass and tone as the group followed Dr. Lydia Woods’ lead. Children’s faces were up with excitement as they analyzed the room. They laughed with joy. Their smiles went from ear to ear as they danced to the welcome song with their friends. The nervousness left everyone’s bodies as it was their turn to get in the middle and dance to the beat. 

Adults deepened their understanding of how impactful African Djembe were as they shared smiles, patiently waiting for their turn to play agog bells, thumb pianos and wooden cultures. As a group, they danced with Lapas around their neck. The laps varied in color from yellow, green, red, and orange. 

In the interview, Dr. Lydia Woods expresses her passion for drumming and interaction with her community. She stated this program was inspired to reach the homelessness community. Hoping to create a safe space for individuals to release their trauma. She stated students and community members have told her this course has healed their inner child. The African Djembe Drum Dance event had an impact on those who attended the event. Whether it was to spread awareness and appreciation for the African culture or spread kindness among others, Dr. Lydia Woods has impacted her students and community.