The air was filled with curiosity and wonder as students wandered across the library, participating in the Glendale Community College library for a Valentine’s event this Monday, Feb 5th.

Glendale Community College library is hosting an event lasting from Feb 5th to Feb 16th. This two – week long event aims to celebrate the spirit of the season with Valentine’s and romance – focused activities. While doing these activities, students can learn more about romance and love while also learning what lies in the library along with the layout. Along the way, students can also find recommendations for various books, such as those belonging to the romance genre. 

The library had several love connection stations sprinkled throughout the building. These seven stations have different love connection prompts that students can participate in to find out the mysteries of love and potentially find their special someone. Each station helped students not only find these mysteries but also helped students learn more about the library and what it truly has to offer.

Students gather around these stations with excitement and curiosity as each station has something new and different to offer. Not only that, but students were able to talk amongst each other, creating new connections and budding friendships. Along the way of going to these love connection stations, students were handed out stickers and chocolate, an expression of affection given by the library to those participating in the event.

On the way to the library, I bumped into a random student. When asked if she was aware of the event, she said she was not but was excited to see what it was all about. Later, when meeting her again, I asked if she would do an interview with me to see what she thought about the event. In the interview the student stated “the event is really exciting, finding out more about the library, seeing all the romance novel recommendations and potentially finding someone.”

If you are interested in the event and are afraid you have missed the event, do not despair as the event is still ongoing! Come to see the Glendale Community College main campus library anytime between February 5th- February 16th to still participate in the event. More information about the event can be found at the main library reference desk where you can also get stickers, chocolate, and a ticket to enter a raffle for a 20 dollar gift card to Barnes and Nobles