The Phoenix Brass collective is performing at the at the performing arts center at GCU on February 8, 2024! They are first going to be doing a masterclass at 6:00 pm and then a performance at 7:30 pm and will go on until 8:30 pm, make sure not to miss it! The masterclass will be taught by some members of the PBC. The performance itself will be performed by the entire collective. The Phoenix Brass Collective is a group of individuals whose goal is to bring awareness and interest in the brass performing arts as a whole. The team is composed of young musicians who want to inspire and educate people about how great brass compositions are. 

See performances from all the members of the Phoenix Brass Collective by Jeff Quamo the music director of the Phoenix Brass Collective, Brianne Bordan on the trumpet, Buddy Deshler on the trumpet, Joshua Haake on the trumpet, Ryan Vance on the trumpet, Shannon Kerrigan on the french horn, Alex Manners on the french horn, Martha Sharpe on the french horn, Jaici Sullivan on the french horn, Seth Bartsch on the trombone, Garret Haas on the trombone, Jason Malloy on the trombone, Matt Vezey on the trombone, David Gonzalez on the tuba, Black Ryall on the tuba, and Joe Millea on percussion.

The concert will be at Glendale Community College PAC 6000 W Olive Ave. The best place to park for the event is the parking lot next to the GCC Enrollment Center south of the campus. This event is also funded by a City of Glendale Performing Arts Grant. Their next event will be their Cinematic Sounds of Brass which will be ticket-based if you enjoy their concert and master class on the 8th and want to see more. This will be focused on the “Cinematic Sounds of Brass” as their event title suggests. 

The Phoenix Brass Collective accepts donations and since they are a 501c3 organization they are tax deductible so feel free to donate and help the Phoenix Brass Collective keep performing wonderful concerts and create new opportunities for young musicians for educational outreach. They have a support page on their website for tips and help on how to donate.

You can find more information about the Phoenix Brass Collective on their social media. They are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.