For some of you, considering which colleges or universities to go to are coming up real soon, as your 2 years are almost up. It can be hard to decide which ones you want to go to, or maybe you already decided where you want to go. You already knew which one you want to go to but having second thoughts? Well, I can maybe help you if you’re still having trouble with deciding. I went to the University of Arizona to visit my cousin, who is currently going there, and asked her about what it’s like to be there. 

There is apparently a lot of partying that goes on there, and my cousin doesn’t particularly like it, as she says they are loud, rowdy, drink, and do drugs. Apparently it’s so bad, my cousin wonders how about 90% of the students even got into the school in the first place, and thinks that most of them will drop out after the first year.  The dorms for the students (at least my cousins) come with rooms that have about 2-3 beds per room, and some people actually even live in the basement down there too. The dorms don’t come with a bathroom so everything including showering, has to be done in the dorm bathroom. Which can be pretty awkward, as I had to wash my hands in one of the bathrooms, and some dude with nothing but a towel on just happened to be shaving in there. Made me feel kind of bad to be honest.

As for the actual classes themselves, my cousin didn’t really have any complaints for them, except for a politics class that she has to take. Though she’s only in her first year, so she doesn’t have too much experience with the classes yet. But for some concerned about Fafsa, the customer service aspect (at least for my aunt, who pays the Fafsa) isn’t the best. According to her, they just literally hung up on her one time, which is just unacceptable and is the first time I’ve ever heard of customer service actually hanging up on somebody. So the Zafsa customer service line for University of Arizona is not the best, so don’t expect good customer service.