• 6:52 am
  • Sunday
  • May 19, 2024

Author: Tristan

Tristan is an artist who is a college student who is majoring in animation. But also does other things like music production and making webcomics which both will be released to the public soon, date to be determined. This profile is in relation to the career goal set up because it will possibly attract potential clients or potential connections, which neither are bad to have as they can have positive impacts on reputation and spread the name to more potential clients or connections. Another reason the profile was set up was also because it was a requirement from a class but that’s just the gateway to an opportunity to set up this profile to hopefully spread the name. This profile being made, while being connected to a more journalistic side of things rather than a more artistic one, can still be a learning experience that can have positive impacts and can also help gain a new appreciation for journalism in general.