GCC does it again with another high quality theater production; Silent Sky. This two hour play documents the wondrous discoveries of 19th century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt. Ms. Leavitt was a woman whose extraordinary discoveries of stars were discarded until men took credit for her work. The crew did a fantastic job labeling the problems Henrietta faced as she tried to balance her sisters traditionalists views and mens belittling overlooks. With a story so focused on something a normal viewer wouldn’t be too familiar with (measuring stars) the cast does a wonderful job translating its advanced vocabulary into heartbreaking and hilarious deliveries. Being set in the 1900’s and early 1920’s the drama is well established in its place in history.

Directed by Lesley Tutnick-Machbitz this crew of five stunned audiences this leap month’s end from February 28th to March 2nd. Henrietta is played by Valerie Sepulveda; most known for her works in Romeo and Juliet, Four Dogs in a bone and Theory of Relativity. She’s been nominated for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre for her performance in four dogs and a bone. This is her last semester at GCC and she’s made a name for herself as the main character of this show. Valerie isn’t the only one being recognized for her talents on this cast; Issac Salazar, actor of Peter Shaw, received GATE awards for best lead, supporting and featured actor. 

The theater program just continues to impress with an active season coming this spring semester. In arrangement with Concord Theatricals  Something Afoot is the next musical in works during Mid April. This musical is for all Agatha Christie fans as it pokes fun at the playwright’s many notable tropes in her mystery work. If you’re interested in engaging in GCC theater production,  join Delta Psi Omega (the drama club) or take the many opening courses for theater in the summer and in the fall.