Name: Boba
What they are doing: Waiting for my Boba drink
Location: Norterra
Date 3/2/24
Name: The up and up
What they are doing: the view from the ceiling of the Boba shop
Location: Norterra
Date: 3/2/24
Name: Decide
What they are doing: Looking at the menu to pick their drinks
Location: Norterra
Name: Walk with Drink
What they are doing: Finally got my drink in hand and ready to go home
Location: Norterra
Date: 3/2/24
What they are doing: Looking at the sky with my drink in hand and this was the view I had
Location: Nortera
Date: 3/2/24

As I stepped into the quaint Boba shop, the aroma of brewed tea and sweet syrup greeted me. I knew exactly what I craved – a root beer float with Boba. With anticipation bubbling within me, I placed my order and settled into a cozy corner, my camera ready to capture the essence of this moment.

Composition was key as I framed each shot meticulously. A candid snapshot portrayed the two young men, their feet tapping in rhythm with their indecisiveness, while the menu loomed overhead, offering a myriad of options. The overhead lights, casting warm hues against the dark metal panels, provided the perfect contrast to the vibrant array of Boba flavors.

With each click, I aimed to capture not just images, but stories. The bustling energy of the shop, the anticipation of customers awaiting their orders – all woven into the fabric of each photograph. As I waited for my own concoction to be prepared, I couldn’t help but marvel at the limited amount of colors dancing before my lens.

As my order was finally called, I seized the opportunity to capture the moment of Capture – me, my feet eagerly walking, in a rush, with drink in hand sipping the contents of the drink, while enjoying the frothy root beer swirling with Boba pearls. The contrast between the dark liquid and the translucent spheres created a visual feast for the eyes.

Stepping out into the fading daylight, I turned my lens towards the sky, a canvas painted in hues of dark blues, and other contrasting colors that were present throughout the shopping center.. The Context of my surroundings added depth to my narrative – a simple trip to the Boba shop transformed into a sensory adventure, captured in pixels and preserved for eternity.

With my camera filled with memories and my taste buds tingling with satisfaction, I strolled towards my car, relishing in the simple joys of life – a perfect blend of composition, capture, color, contrast, and context.