The GCC men’s basketball team lost a home game against Pima Community College on Wednesday, the 31st.

The teams met in Glendale’s home gym, and the total game score was 107-73 for Pima College. Glendale scored 26 points in the first half and 47 points in the second half. While Pima scored 53 points in the first half and 54 points in the second half.

The Gaucho’s starting roster was made up of Dwight McKnight, Davis Hester, Tramane Lee, Cameron Coraggio, and Lamont Johnson Jr., And the Aztec’s starting roster was made up of Zach Williamson, Cohenj Gonzales, Jaylen Alexander, Dillan Baker, and Kota Benson.

The top scorer in the game was Tramane Lee of the Gauchos, who scored 28 points. And behind him is Cohenj Gonzales of the Azetcs with 22 points. There were periods when the Gauchos dominated, but the Aztecs performed better overall.

This game was the Gaucho’s 21st game, and the results have put them at ten wins and 11 losses for the season.

In an interview, the men’s basketball team coach Carillo gave us feedback on the game; he said, “I wouldn’t assess our team’s performance on just one game. We played a really good team last Wednesday; they were ranked 11th in the country. We didn’t get the win we would’ve liked, but hopefully, it helps us. Sometimes, in losses, it’s easier to learn. We didn’t play to our full ability, but our opponent had a lot to do with that. And it’s just another game along the track, and we’ll get better from it.”

The Gauchos still have nine games till the end of the season, and that gives them the opportunity to raise their winning ratio