Maricopa Community Colleges is sponsoring an event called JobFest2024 event on February 14th, 2024, at the Rio Salado Conference Center to assist students in finding career opportunities. The event will be held from one to three PM, in which various companies will arrive to give out information about job opportunities, internships, and different career paths. Several employers will also be reaching out for networking opportunities.

Jobfest 2024 will host a number of employers who will be hiring for their companies that will be at the event. As stated before, there will be a lot of networking opportunities. Employers will be on-site to talk to students about hiring opportunities. A wide range of companies will be visiting the event, showcasing a window into various career fields such as advanced manufacturing, Behavioral health and general healthcare, construction, early childhood education, financial services, government, hospitality, information technology, and semiconductor manufacturing.

The event will be sponsored by Route to Relief, a program made possible by a partnership between Maricopa County and the city of Phoenix. The goal of Route to Relife is to assist and employ people affected by COVID-19.

Along with this, there will be a multitude of other kinds of resources that will be available at the Jobfest. The convention also plans to offer other additional activities of nature that may aid in presentation for finding a job. For example, the event will provide free professional headshots for participating participants. This is a helpful resource for many who may not have the time or experience to get a professional picture taken.

The event will also host several raffles, which will lead to different prizes for guests attending the event. There will be a multitude of fun activities like this that are sure to entertain guests.

I informed a random student at Phoenix College of the event to gather his thoughts on it. The student was informed of all the details of the event, including the companies and fields that are offering opportunities. I asked my interviewee if he was aware of this event and its resources. “No, I wasn’t.” The interviewee was asked if he needed help looking for additional information on where to look for career aid aside from the college departments. “Yeah, it would be nice to see what they have to offer. I think I would honestly need help finding a place to work after I graduate.” When asked if he would attend, the student said, “I don’t really know. I’ll have to look at my schedule.”