The first Friday just happened on February 2nd, where the community and GCC bond as a community on the first Friday of each month for a spectacular art walk accompanied by music and community events in Downtown Arizona. to explore the fine arts, engage with the culture and community, and help us understand one another. The monthly art walk captivates anyone who decides to involve themselves in the community and gives people a different perspective by asking themselves tough questions. There was a fantastic live band that played and talked about the issues that we face as a society and how to improve. I asked Val Walter about how they feel they benefit in their studies from such an event, especially the show that took place. “It’s just a good outlet for one to express themselves and get involved with the community, even out of class; it really gives you perspective on how diverse things really are. It gives them better insight into understanding one another and helps solve problems that can be quite daunting due to cultural differences. This time around, they were singing about certain divides we face and made me think about how I should incorporate this into my studies.” First Friday is a place where people can expand their emotional intelligence to help them better understand the world around them. With all the walks of life and seeing everyone’s perspective, it was an amazing event. Another person named Trenton Caudill I interacted with gave me some insight on how they expanded on the skills they learned from just walking around and meeting new individuals. “I used to go to GCC and never knew that this event existed. I have met so many people who are now attending the school. I did not realize how broad the communities that gather here are. It really helped me create new bonds and connections.” He mentioned. Inspiration comes and goes throughout the people who attend First Friday, and it shows how little they know about other cultures but welcome learning about them. It is a building block that seems to give structure and just a better understanding of others and the world around them, which expands to one’s studies, according to the vast majority of others I have interviewed. Be sure to check out First Friday, the first Friday of every month. I promise you won’t regret it.