• 7:00 am
  • Sunday
  • May 19, 2024

Author: Landon Crann

Landon crann, a young aspiring animator seeking to improve his own writing techniques as well as developing my own sense of story telling. Hoping to gain the knowledge to become a suitable author and one day be able to tell my own stories in both a meaningful and impactful way. Soon hoping to learn how to be able to connect people with one another via stories of either my own making or stories happening in real time in the real world to create a lasting impact. Enjoys many things such as being outdoors and exploring nature or staying inside and doodling all day. Also plays video games as a frequent hobby. When none of those activities are being done, online shopping and reading can also be taking up time as well. One day hoping to make a impact on many lives and share wonderful experiences and stories with the world.