Frys has been around the Valley since 1954, and odds are is that someone you know is a frequenter to one of these locations. For GCC students, they all look for ways to help save their money on that tight college budget. Fortunately, Fry’s Food and Drug has been offering weekly deals and other perks to their loyal customers with their “lower than low deals.” With a free VIP card offered at the register, you can get multiple deals to aid your financial stress. Ranging from deals to get items for free, to the accumulation of fuel points to save on gas. All of which can help save GCC students a fortune to focus on studies and supplies.

Soda deals range from week to week, depending on the deals. However, one 6 pack of soda for $5.99 can be melded to 4 for $12 and save students multiple shopping trips to supply on thirst quenching drinks. The other exciting deal to offer on occasion is if you want more soda in 12 packs, on holidays Fry’s can give you exciting deals like “Buy 2, Get 3 Free!.” Don’t miss your opportunity on this deal

For meat lovers, you can save a fortune on Fry’s weekly deals, for example with Chuck Roast. Students need a protein boost and they can save if meat is what is being craved by them. Do you and your friends want a roast dinner before exams for less than $5?

Of course as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With what seems to be endless possibilites of cereal and oatmeal, you can save big on one big bag of your choice for only $3 or any regular brand box of cereal for $5. Less money out of your pocket, more breakfast to boost your energy to study for the day.

Have a delicious sparkling water to keep hydrated, in fact have 10 for $10! One can not succeed if dehydrated, and with screaming deals like this who can refuse?

Fry’s Food and Drug on 51st Ave and Olive is the place to grocery shop for financially struggling GCC students that need a break on the stress from financial struggle and finally shop the pain away to their needs and save on their food and gas!