This is a minute-long Public Service Announcement about eating healthier.

It is lunchtime! Bunny and Cat are college roommates and decided to eat their meals together in their dorms. Bunny shares how excited she is to eat her lunch, consisting of a bowl of pasta, carrots, and water. When asked about her lunch, Cat says she is eating just instant noodles. Bunny shares her concerns over her friend’s eating habits and gives her tips on making each meal healthier and more well-balanced.

Each meal should include two first fulls of non-starchy vegetables and protein appropriate to your diet. Everyone should also drink at least half of their body weight in ounces of water.

Cat dismisses her friend’s advice and continues to eat unhealthily. She believes that the dangerous health issues are nothing for her to worry about because she is young. However, what a person eats and their habits will significantly impact them regardless of their life status.