I recently took a trip to the Phoenix Art Museum with my sister and friend. We thought it would be a great idea to visit since we haven’t been since we were younger. Since we’ve aged, I discovered that we have grown to appreciate the art and the artist more. Going to the museum is a great way to learn and experience something new. Although a child might gravitate to the most extravagant pieces, I found us drawn to the pieces that tell a story. The pieces that had us sitting down and staring were the ones that caught our eyes.

The Phoenix Art Museum holds several exhibitions. From Claude Monet to newer artists such as Laura Aguilar, The Phoenix Art Museum has something for everyone. Art museums are a place for people to look into our past and embrace the creativity of many artists. The diversity in the Phoenix Art Museum helps foster that creativity and helps promote innovation.

There are photography, ceramics, acrylic paintings, and oil paintings to view. There are numerous types of media presented, however, the museum also demonstrates different art styles. There is a popular exhibition showing pieces created by Claude Monet are impressionist paintings. These are considered ‘on the spot’ paintings that take place outdoors. With that said, there are abstract, realism, surrealism, and expressionism works as well. I think most people were drawn to this exhibition because Monet is a well-known artist. When people visit the Lourve Musuem, the room is usually crowed because thats where the Mona Lisa is held. However, people are only surrounding the Mona Lisa, forgetting about the other amazing pieces that surround it. People at the Phoenix Art Museum did the same, only stopping at certain exhibitions. I think art museums are meant to be toured in its entirety since they are a great way to expand one’s horizons and recognize the depth of art.